“Arrow” is a US produced superhero mystery-drama that is easily the best TV series of 2012. The main plot focuses on the fictional character of “ Green Arrow”, a creation of the action powerhouse DC Comics. It aired in North America on The CW, a channel that was home to another superhero drama series known as “Smallville”, which focused on the adolescent life of Superman. However, with a sharper cast and more intelligent script, “Arrow” is a huge step forward from “Smallville”. While this series will feature appearances by other classic DC characters, the more obscure narrative of Arrow provides viewers with a superhero perspective that hasn’t been seen before. While some viewers may be able to draw more than one parallel to “Batman”, “Arrow” still manages to be a refreshing change of pace in light of the inundation of classic superhero movies that is flooding theaters in the past few years. Canadian up-and-coming Stephen Amell, who also had a recurrent role starring as a fresh, young escort that becomes the main character’s competition in the sexy series “Hung” in 2011, portrays Oliver Queen. Oliver is just your average bachelor millionaire and sole survivor of the family yacht shipwreck, which left him inconveniently stranded on an uncharted island for five years.  Among the seven people lost at sea were his father and his girlfriend’s sister. However, despite these tragic setbacks, Oliver’s isolation in the wild allowed him to develop the valuable skill of archery. After being found on the aforementioned uncharted island by fishermen, Oliver is armed with his bow, arrows, painstakingly achieved survival skills, and an unshakeable desire for justice. His motivation to do right is a complicated blend of remorse for his former bad-boy actions as well as the drive to fulfill the dying wish of his father. Oliver is ready to do battle with crime and corruption upon reentering the “civilized” society of Starling City—and there is plenty of trash for Arrow to take out.

Although the show hasn’t been running long, the initial critical reviews are generally favorable. One thing that makes “Arrow” so interesting to viewers is the various inner conflicts experienced by characters in the show. One the one hand, viewers see Oliver struggling to walk the line between keeping up his former bad-boy persona during the day and gaining comfort in his position as masked vigilante at night. It is something of a relief to see a character with some depth, a character that was less than perfect but has seen the error of their ways and decided to change. Another interesting subplot offered to viewers is the somewhat tormented romance between Oliver and Lauren. The man bends over backwards for her, but she’s not sure she can trust him, and when she starts to warm up to him, he’s forced to push her away again. It’s exciting to watch this push and pull game in their relationship. Perhaps the most interesting mystery of all is the enigma of Oliver’s mother and her suspicious involvement in the shipwreck that took the life of her own husband. This subplot provides a fair amount of tension and an added layer of secrecy to the proceedings.


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