Game of Thrones

With a riveting storyline, high-adrenaline action, and a sexy cast, “Game of Thrones” is easily one of the best TV series currently on the air. This genre-bending show, a historical action fantasy which hints of drama, comedy, and romance, is based on the successful novel series by George R. R. Martin. Although fantasy has not generally been popular in the main-stream media in the recent past, this show is dramatically altering that trend. The main plot centers particularly around members of the Stark family, as well as six other noble families, who are all competing to gain control of “the Iron Throne” which would make them the rulers of their fictional known world. In addition to the first main plotline, there are also two other equally intriguing, interwoven subplots; first, many events in the show concern the immanent threat of a long and difficult winter, which is accompanied by the return of mysterious and dangerous creatures known as “white-walkers” who are slowly but surely approaching from the North. Viewers caught a solid look at the white-walkers at the end of the last season. The second subplot pays particular attention to following the efforts of Daenerys Targarian, the last living member of the realm’s former king, to reclaim the throne.

One of the things that makes “Game of Thrones” so interesting is that each character—and there are many characters—has their own individual personality. No two characters are alike, and each character is complex. Furthermore, their development as characters is evident in the show. There are no shallow or type-cast characters; on the contrary, each one is morally complex and has endless motivations and goals that drive their actions. Viewers will simply never get bored with such a variety. The talent of the cast shines through the characters, and the critics have noticed—several actors have already received awards for their performances, including Emmys, Golden Globes, a Hugo award, and a Peabody award. It is not only the characters that are interesting and thoughtful—the themes explored in the show are also fascinatingly complicated and rich. Such themes include issues of class hierarchy, family and social relations, the questioning of religious faith, justice concerning crime and punishment, the morality and practicality of war, the exploration of sexuality, and much more.  However, despite the seriousness and intelligence with which some of these topics are discussed, “Game of Thrones” has another wonderful quality, namely, the inclusion of comedy. Viewers might not necessarily expect a show about medieval politics and warfare to be funny. Nevertheless, this particular series is clever and hilarious.

“Game of Thrones” is a high budget production, and it shows in a very good way. It is filmed on location in Morocco, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, and Malta. Additionally, the costumes and weapons are intricate and look convincingly authentic. The battle scenes are choreographed and epic. The royal interiors are sumptuous, luxurious, and sweeping. Despite graphic nudity and violence, this series is artfully and thoughtfully constructed with an effort that will impress viewers.


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