Person of Interest Season 3

Person of interest is a crime drama series that started out starring Michael Emerson as a mysterious technology genius Harold Finch and Jim Cavaziel as an ex-CIA agent John Reese. Reese is approached by Finch to help in preventing crimes before they happen with the help of a machine he developed that tracks criminal activity. By the third season, Reese’s role becomes almost secondary as other players become more actively involved. Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) becomes an ally who helps in dealing with the numbers the ‘Machine’ provides, although she is somewhat trigger happy. Root (Amy Acker) is a computer hacker and assassin who eventually becomes an ‘analog interface’ for the Machine and it uses her for missions and as an intermediary between itself and other individuals.

Person of Interest is an exciting roller coaster ride with lots happening simultaneously. There are good stand-alone episodes with the storyline running in the background throughout the season. The original plot of saving people and preventing crime almost takes a back seat as their fight with secret societies intensifies. There is HR to contend with, an organization of corrupt police officers. Then as soon as that’s wrapped up another powerful business Decima is attempting to gain control of the Machine. A third society is Vigilance, violent and devoted to protecting privacy.

Decima gets hold of a similar machine called Samaritan, and plans to use it against the Machine. Meanwhile, at first Root is obsessed with the Machine and can do anything to lay her hands on it, but later the Machine chooses her by tapping into her mind, making a direct connection between it and Root. Finch had originally designed the Machine to identify and protect those in distress, not something that points to kill. However, it remains to be seen whether that is still the case or the Machine is taking decisions on its own now.

The character of Reese, treated almost like an afterthought in season 3 isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Things could easily have gotten repetitive if the show kept on giving us more of him and his action sequences. With so many other characters and elements incorporated in the show, it seems that he has served his purpose story-wise. Root and Shaw are great replacements as leads, with their teaming up giving us some spicy entertaining dialogues. Not to mention the way Root can be a badass showstopper, with her guns blazing and her Machine-enhanced foresight.

Person of Interest is a treat to watch with its action packed sequences and twists and turns. It indirectly addresses the issue of sacrificing personal freedom in the name of national security, showing both the pros and cons of it. It is a series worth watching that keeps you engaged in the plot without a moment’s respite.

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