Suits Season 3

Suits is a drama series about a law firm and the people working in it. The main characters are Harvey Specter, a partner in the firm and Michael Ross, who is hired by Harvey as an associate. The firm requires a Harvard degree to qualify for the job, which Mike doesn’t have. Harvey hires him anyway because of his extraordinary intelligence and perfect memory, and they agree to keep it a secret from the other members of the firm.

Season 3 finds the firm surrounded in problems as complications arise and Mike’s lack of a degree is discovered by the others. He gets arrested in the final episode and faces the risk of being exposed, but is rescued by his colleagues. Mike realizes he is putting the firm at risk by staying there and decides to leave and find another job at a bank. This subsequently makes him a client of the firm he used to work for.

The plot of Suits may seem simple at first, but it is riddled with office politics, over ambitious partners trying to get ahead of each other and mergers made to defeat rivalling firms. It is about lawyers who power-play their way into more advantageous positions up the corporate ladder.

In addition to the storyline, the drama is beautiful just to look at; smart people with immaculate hair, dressed beautifully strutting through sleek offices. However, all that is more than just eye-candy, and the show’s emphasis on grooming, vocabulary, fashion, and possessions is not superficial. The way these people are presented is integral to the overall environment in which they work. There are no weak or dumb characters. They all have witty lines to deliver as these strong personalities test each other in an atmosphere of suppressed tension, all the while remaining outwardly cool as an iceberg. Suits is crisp and precise across the spectrum from the subtle humor to the vicious and unscrupulous exchanges.

On the flip side, some viewers have the opinion that the storyline is getting repetitive, and Harvey comes off as an arrogant person who gets everything he wants no matter what. In a more realistic scenario, every character would have to face the consequences of his decisions sooner or later, but Harvey seems to make all the right decisions on the professional as well as emotional front all the time. Harvey and Mike’s constant treatment of another partner, Louis, as a punching bag is being criticized as viewers find him to be a likable guy who is good at his job. His potential seems to be squandered again and again.

In the end, only you can decide how much you like or dislike the drama. Watch season 3 of Suits and decide for yourself whether the series is smart, or complacent.

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